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AC Motor Fan Driven Heat Exchangers

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MG Air, Drain, KBV, HPV, HPA,
HPA Compact & HPA Larger Series

All models of the AC fan driven heat exchanger series feature rugged bar & plate construction. This design provides high performance cooling in a compact size. Other standard features include low fouling, non-louvered air fins, and totally enclosed motors. Additionally, these heat exchangers feature ports that are provided for plug-&-play temperature controls.

Temperature Switch Options (Others available on request)

TM4 A1



MG Air, KBV, & Drain Series AC Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
Small to Medium (0.01 – 1 kW/°C) Cooling Applications
0.5 – 320 LPM
2000KBV Includes 1.5 or 3 bar Internal Bypass Valve
Low noise (down to 40 dBA)
HPA, HPV & HPA Compact Series 1 AC Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
Medium to Large (up to 6 kW/°C) Cooling Applications
22 – 560 LPM
HPV includes 1.5 or 3 bar Internal Bypass Valve
Low noise (down to 69 dBA)
HPA Larger Series AC Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
Large (up to 12 kW/°C) Cooling Applications
100 – 1000 LPM
Internal Bypass Valve Options
Technical Data

Integrated Bypass Valve

emmegi-heat-exchangers-bypass-valveNeed for external valves, related fittings, and hoses are eliminated with Emmegi’s fully integrated bypass check valve that protects against excessive back pressure during cold weather start up and intermittent flow surges.

Compatable Fluids

Mineral Oils: HL & HLP
Water-Oil Emulsion
Water – Glycol
Consult Factory for Other Fluids


Operating Pressure: 20 bar
Test Pressure: 35 bar
Max. Operating Temperature: 120°C